Motivation and Strategy

Industry surveys show that the number of women geoscientists drop as their careers progress. Women rarely advance into management or senior technical roles in any size company. We know that this is not due to a lack of expertise or ambition in women but rather is a reflection of (often unconscious) bias within an Industry that has historically been built around men. If we get together, support each other and share knowledge and strategies perhaps this could change.

Looking south at the Lewis Thrust from Little Highwood Pass towards Grizzly Col on Mt Tyrwhitt. West dipping, grey, carbonates of the Mississippian Rundle Group thrust onto the folded, brown, interbedded sandstone and shale of the Jurassic-Cretaceous Kootenay Group. ~L.Doyle

What we do

GeoWomen supports the three founding pillars of our affiliate organization AWSN (Alberta Women in Science Network): Recruitment, Retention and Recognition.


  • GeoWomen partners with the CSEG-f’s Mentorship program to help new grads and early career professionals launch their career


  • Organize monthly lunch hour Speaker Series with a focus on issues of particular interest to women’s career development: leadership, mentoring, industry trends and self development.
  • Communicate the realities of the journey through early career, family choices, re-engagement, mid-career, maturing a family & retirement.
  • Meet to network and share stories and strategies for navigating a career in geoscience.


GeoWomen has created a Recognition Subcommittee to amplify the achievements of women in the geosciences by:

  • supporting awards nominations,
  • balancing gender equity on technical awards committees and
  • sourcing and supporting women who are publishing their research or giving technical presentations. 

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with this committee, please reach out to if you would like to get involved.