March 16: “Understanding and Managing Conflict in the Workplace” ~Catherine McAteer and Michelle Phaneuf

Thursday, March 16, 2023
12:00 - 1:00pm (MST)
In-person and Online
Register at: CSPG GeoWomen Page 
This is a FREE event - All genders welcome - No membership required.


Have you or someone you know had to deal with conflict or harassment in the workplace?  Or maybe you’re a leader in your organization and want to better understand how to deal with such situations.

Alberta is approaching the 5-year anniversary of changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act which added provisions protecting workers from workplace harassment. So, where are we now?  Catherine and Michelle will be discussing their experiences in advising employees and organizations on workplace investigations and navigating conflict in the workplace.   Catherine will cover the legal framework and options that someone might have who has experienced workplace harassment.  Michelle will add to the conversation by exploring alternatives to a formal approach.   Finally, they will discuss the impacts they see on participants in workplace investigations.

Catherine McAteer, BSc, LLB Founder – Confluence Law

Catherine McAteer is a Calgary-based employment and immigration lawyer and founder of Confluence Law. She offers accessible and practical legal advice in the areas of employment law, conflict resolution and immigration with specific expertise in workplace investigations and mediations. Catherine specializes in practical legal advice to individuals, small businesses and start-ups, national sports organizations and the arts and non-profit sector and is certified in mediation and collaborative law.  Prior to her law career, Catherine was an engineer.  She is an avid cyclist, skier and juggles her legal practice with her role of lead parent of two amazing girls.

Michelle Phaneuf, P.Eng., C.Med., ACC Partner – Workplace Fairness West

Michelle Phaneuf is a conflict manager and a partner with Workplace Fairness West.  As a Chartered Mediator, Certified Coach, Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor and trained Ombudsperson, Michelle has extensive experience with public and private organizations delivering change management and conflict resolution services.  Through her background in engineering, she has developed a systems-thinking approach, enabling her to analyse complex situations to successfully support her clients in shifting their thinking to create innovative results.  Michelle provides training in conflict resolution and workplace restoration for organizations across Canada.