Mandy Williams 2021 Tracks Award Winner

Mandy Williams CSEG Mentor of the Year

Congratulations to Mandy Williams Mentor of the Year

Co-Founder of GeoWomen wins award for work with women in geosciences

The GeoWomen Team is extremely proud of Jocelyn Keith-Asante and her continual commitment to supporting women in Calgary’s oil and gas sector. “Locating new oil and gas deposits may have been her vocation, but fighting for women’s rights in the workplace has been her passion.”

The Homestretch: Minerva Mentoring Award winner Jocelyn Keith-Asante

Listen to Jocelyn’s interview with Doug Dirks of CBC’s Homestretch. Jocelyn discusses the GeoWomen origin story, weeding out of women in the geosciences at progressively increasing seniority levels, challenges of returning from maternity leaves and the benefits on male parental leaves.