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MNP Self-Employment Program

The MNP Self-Employment Program provides unemployed or underemployed individuals with the opportunity and resources to start their own business, and it is of no cost. Participants will take part in thirty-plus in-class business training sessions provided by industry experts. MNP’s professional business training equips individuals with required business management information to start and operate their own business. Valuable management training includes the following key areas, Business Planning, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Sales Strategies, Raising Capital, Bookkeeping, Legal and Taxation. Participants will develop a strategic business plan and receive one-on-one business plan assistance. Networking opportunities and consulting support from MNP professionals are also provided.  As an extension of the mainstream Self-Employment Program, MNP’s online LIFT Self-Employment Program (Live Instructor Facilitated Training) provides individuals in surrounding Southern Alberta rural communities with the options, opportunities, and resources to start their own business online; e-synchronous training.

“Leaning in and Pursuing New Opportunities” ~Shelley Leggitt