Diversity and Inclusion

GeoWomen’s mandate is primarily to remove barriers to women in the geosciences and balance gender inequities in the workforce. We stand in solidarity with other marginalized groups within our industry, and promote diversity and inclusivity. We recognize that those who suffer the most from systemic bias are at the intersection of racial and gender discrimination, and that we need to do more to support these groups.

The GeoWomen community knows that there are many men in our industry who demonstrate by their actions and words a collaborative approach that builds bridges and assists in finding solutions to support diversity and inclusivity. The societal roles of women AND men have been changing and many of the traditional “women’s issues” on which we focus are actually not specific to women at all. We appreciate allies and know that if we are to make meaningful progress towards a fair workplace we need male colleagues to amplify our message and join us in educating the rest of the industry on the benefits of non-traditional career paths and diverse voices.

GeoWomen is an inclusive community which maintains high standards of professional excellence. We welcome members of all ethnicities, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages and those with physical disabilities. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend GeoWomen events and join our committees.