Data By Design

Starting January 2021

Learn the fundamentals of data literacy, data team components, and defining datascience problems — without running a line of code.

This Datathon and Data By Design Speaker Series is designed for the data enthusiast who wants to initiate their data understanding and conceptualization either before or in conjunction to a deeper analytical practice. Participants will gain the appropriate knowledge to challenge and bolster data ideas in their own organizations.

We’re breaking down the barriers to datathon participation!

  • No unrealistic time constraints: We’re all busy people with a lot going on in our lives. This datathon will take place over 3wks and work around your schedule.
  • No coding required: If you want to use your favorite coding language that’s awesome. You rock. But around here excel is not a dirty word. The tool you use is just a means to an end.
  • Focus on design: This is an unexplored niche in the datathon process. We like that it feels less intimidating than exploring the algorithmic flavor of the day but truth be told it’s the most important and often overlooked part of an analysis.
  • Broad topic for cross-pollination: “ESG and Industry”. Environment, social, governance is quickly becoming a core concern in every industry. We hope there is something here for everyone and that we will attract participants with diverse backgrounds. You don’t need to be a geo!

Interactive monthly “Data By Design” Series

Online Forum

Ongoing: A slack channel for all attendees of the Interactive Speaker Series where research and collaboration questions will be available and our expert speakers will be encouraged to engage. We hope to promote collaboration and networking across industries with our supporting organizations.

Join our Slack community here.


COMPLETED: Participants put the pieces together and applied what they learned! The final design exploration was crafted based on feedback from our monthly Interactive Speaker Series and will ran for 3 weeks from May 26 – June 16, 2021. More details and links to submissions here.

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